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Freelance Administration

Do you spend too much of your valuable time away from your core business, simply because ‘someone has to do it’?

PagePA specialises in providing administration assistance to busy managers and their teams. Many tasks can swallow up your time and stop you from doing what you do best; adding value to your company.  If you could outsource those tasks, wouldn’t that give you more time to focus on your core business?

There are many time-consuming but essential tasks that can fill a day, such as chasing progress, generating reports or copying information from one place to another. These are tasks where the value of the output can, sometimes, be lower than the cost of your time doing them, but they still have to be done.

Employing a full-time resource to do these tasks may not be viable, which is why PagePA was born.

I’m confident that PagePA could save you time and money. To prove that, I’m running my ‘Give me an Hour’ campaign. This is a completely free and without obligation consultation, and could save you at least an entire day every month.

The idea is simple; I meet with you in your office for an hour, you explain to me what your company does and the day-to-day activities you engage in.  I’ll ask you questions about your company, your role in the company and what tasks you (and your management team) do on a regular basis.  I’ll then process this information and prepare a custom proposal, outlining how I think
PagePA could save you time and money.

If, after evaluating the information collected during our meeting, I don’t feel there is any way I could save you at least one entire working day per month by outsourcing some of your administration to PagePA, I’ll let you know.  If I do, it will be fully detailed in your personalised proposal.

This really is a no-lose opportunity to find out if outsourcing some of your administration activities could really save you and your company time and money.  So why not give me an hour, and see if PagePA could give you back a day.

Karen Ling

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