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Freelance Administration


Cost Effective Solution – Keep the cost of your project administration in budget.

If your projects tend to be made up of lots of different strands you probably spend too much time bringing those strands together.  The administrative costs of managing those tasks can easily get out of control.  Adding PagePA to your team is the effective way of keeping costs under control.  

There is also the obvious cost saving of using PagePA. Our clients incur no additional office or employment costs, such as a work station, computer equipment, PAYE/NI costs, lunch breaks, holiday/sickness pay etc - we work from our own premises with all of our own up to date equipment, and you only pay for the work completed.

Time Effective Solution – Dealing with one team member takes time – dealing with all of them takes a lot of time.  Organising meetings, getting progress reports, distributing updates, entering data; all low level tasks PagePA can take on, giving you time to manage the high level tasks that make projects successful. 

Professional Solution - It's a proven fact that if you receive too many emails you switch off and end up scanning them, not reading past the first paragraph or even worse, not bothering to open them at all. Having a dedicated person contacting team members will ensure that every time an email is received by that person, they will know that it contains information key to their role.



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